Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wake me up when September Dubai

Somehow, I guess we survived this first month and 15 days in Dubai.
Everybody from Florence to Tokyo keeps asking me how we are doing and how life is treating us here! Let' s try to look back and recall my very first impressions: was pretty bad!
Although I knew where I was going and wasn't expecting something different, find my self  thrown in a total new situation, was harder than expected.
After overcoming the biggest tsunami/earthquake of the last 100 years, you  might make the mistake to think you'll be fine anywhere you go, no matter what!
But I can tell you, that might be a rushed conclusion. In my case it definitely was.
Coming from 4 years in Tokyo, where I lived awesome experiences, had plenty of great friends and loved each single corner of the country, I should have known that any comparison would have been a crushing defeat. And that is my main problem, I believe: comparison.
I keep comparing everything and I know it's wrong. I couldn't think of two places more different than Tokyo and Dubai. What's the point of comparing them? I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I constantly catch my self red-handed! Even a couple of hours ago it happened, in relation to an extremely futile issue:
I was cooking, making my bolognese sauce for dinner, and I felt a little something crawling on my leg! Yaaak! As I jumped and scratched my leg to make "the thing" go away, I realized it was one of that flying cockroaches who likes to hang out around here. And guess what was the first thing that came into my mind? "Japanese cockroaches are way more discrete and less intrusive!!!"
Isn't it insane? Believe me, Japanese "gokiburi" are really disgusting! They are huge and like to hide everywhere in your apartment during the hot season. These creatures in Dubai are way smaller and their color is light brownish...They are actually more "pleasant looking" than their  Japanese cousins (with hairy black legs). But maybe I'm just in the initial phase where everything seems better just because it's Japan-related, reassuring and well known. Have a look at the first picture! This nasty cockroach dared to climb up my leg and (few nights ago) even landed on me while I was in bed!!!!!!!!!!!

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