Monday, October 31, 2011

My 28th "Happy Birthday"

Maria, a cute Spanish speaker in my class who is still learning English told me a few weeks ago: "You know miss Benedetta? Tomorrow I'll go to Juan's house for his Happy Birthday". A few days after, our new maid, Kumari, from Sri Lanka announced me: " Madame, on the 20th it's my Happy Birthday!!!".
I found their way of speaking extremely sweet and I realized that, no matter where you come from and what language you speak everybody expect their birthday to be special.

This year I wasn't quite sure about mine. I was afraid that being in Dubai for the first year without my family around nor the friends I have been celebrating with for the past 4 years in Tokyo, would have been a simple "Birthday" without "Happy".

I was wrong. On the night before, after a nice chit chat dinner with Femke (Thomas PE colleague), I went to Elizabeth's house to meet her cousin, Rob. Many friends were there and when it came up that my birthday was approaching in a few hours, I found myself blowing a candle on a date!!! LOL!!!
Perfect first birthday "cake" in the UAE, quite fitting!!!
 Alright, I confess...
before the date...we also had Tiramisu'!

The morning after, Wednesday 26th, I heard some noises coming from the kitchen while it was still dark.
Still too drowsy, I didn't realize what was going on...but at 6:10, 5 minutes before my usual alarm time, Thomas brought me breakfast in bed! Coffee, orange juice, "Pane e nutella" (bread and nutella), cereals and pain au chocolat! Yum yum! Simple ingredients to make the day starts just right! And I got my first present!!! On the flow of my recent main sport inclination, he got me a new complete tennis outfit: shoes, skirt and T-shirt! Now I will look like a serious player on the court...(until I start playing!) LOL!

My day at school has been filled with surprises and sweet presents. Weasy, the teacher I'm working with, gave me a coupon for a manicure and pedicure in a SPA, the children of our class came in with fancy gifts, flowers and soooo many sweet cards!!! I have been smiling and hugging all day.
The cutest thing was the book they made for me. Title: "All the reasons why we love Ms. Benedetta". Have a look and enjoy... I loved the way they drew me!!!

Fancy flowers from Yasmeen
 From Ryan
 Huge b-day card!

In the afternoon, just before going home, my swim team sang me a funny "happy birthday song" version (they are awesome swimmers, but pretty bad singers!!!). I thought the surprises were over for the day, I was happy, overwhelmed and even tired...but my super hero Thomas took me out for dinner.
He asked around for a recommended restaurant on the beach. We went to Barasti at the Meridien Hotel:

 Barasti by night

We took a few pictures there, but one of my little angels of my class accidentally touched my camera and deleted all the shots of my birthday :(

A lovely evening, in a very nice place! I couldn't ask more for the day...but there was even more waiting for me at home. I got a phone call from my dad on my mobile and as soon as we got back I skyped them.
My whole family was having dinner together, let's say, in my honor!:)
My little sister Bianca apparently made a delicious dinner for my aunt Vanna, my uncle Giampalo, my sister Beatrice, my dad Fabio and his wife Moira. Then, happened that my mom was around and she joined the fun as well. I was happy to hear that my divorced parents have been mature and wise enough to have dinner together. I'm not saying that it should happen everyday, I know it can get pretty awkward,   but I'm glad they're learning how to spend time together for the sake of the family.
It was my birthday and it has been a blessing to see the people I love all in the same room chatting and laughing over a good meal! At the end of our talks, I even blew my candle. A"virtual", one this time, on a Skype video call!!!
Overall, an absolutely special and pleasant 28th year celebration!
Thank you everybody! I love you, I miss you... and I always keep you in my heart...every step I take!


Anonymous said...

anche noi ti abbiamo festeggiato... Bianca ha organizzato una cena di famiglia e in diretta abbiamo brindato con te e spento la candelina...EVVIVA BEBE'...baci mamma

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Benedetta!!!! Sorry to be late....
And thank you for the blog! It's nice to discover your new life in Dubai!!
Virginie (and Manu)