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Atlantis Bahamas 1996/ Dubai 2011

15 years after my first Atlantis experience, life takes be back to one of the most impressive resort hotel of the world. How privileged I was, at the age of 13, being in that paradise for a whole week with my mom and sisters? It was during the '96 Atlanta Olympic games. My dad was the head coach of the Italian national swim team and, that time, he took all of us with him. Before the official training started we all went to New York. I remember the excitement of that first family trip in the States. The feeling of being in a movie set, the urgency to find stores we could not find back home: gap, banana republic and the Disney store. The first time in a mall, the first time I've ever heard the word "mall", the amazed expressions of us, little girls, inside Fao Swarts, 5th avenue, the beautiful massive boutique of Ralph Lauren, having dinner at the top of a twisting skyscraper, going up the Empire State bldg., taking a picture on the top of the twin towers... 
After those fun days exploring THE city, we travelled down to Florida. A couple of days in insanely humid Faurt Lauderdale and just before the national team training started we left my dad at work and we flew to the Bahamas. Destination: Atlantis Paradise Island.
I was 13, Beatrice was 16 and Bianca was only 6. I had the best memories (although sometimes fuzzy) of that place. Our days spent at the beach, my mom constantly sunbathing on foreshore, constantly telling us not to swim too far from her. That thrill thinking that a great white sharks could have been just a few meters away...

And here I am, 15 years later back to the Atlantis hotel. But this time I'm on the other side of the world, in the heart of the fabulous Dubai Jumeirah palm and my mom and sisters have been replaced with my super duper hubby and a bunch of brand new friends. All new teacher at ASD.
Elizabeth, the new social studies HS teacher and the genius who organized this great trip, Jake, bio HS
teacher (I'll just say that after a few days the orientation in Dubai started I said to Thomas: "You know what? Io gli voglio gia' un po' bene!!!" literally something like "I already love him a bit!". Then we had Olga and Joe,  very nice couple we love to hang out with (respectively Russian and Canadian, Dance and PE HS teacher), Zully, Spanish/French MS teacher from Maracaibo - Venezuela (Yes, Italian people, Maracaibo really not just a song by Raffaella Carra'!!!) and Lorena, Mexican, elementary teacher and my personal Spanish tutor (I like to practice my poor Spanish with her!).

Well, this is the whole crew posing at the "sober" Atlantis lobby (everyone except Jake, who is taking the shot!)

And this is Jake!

Alright, enough with the silly photo editing and let's go back to the weekend...or well....
It wasn't really a weekend. It was a Monday and a Tuesday at the end of Ramadan, right before school started at the end of August.
We spent a first relaxing day between the beach (way too hot after a couple of morning hours) and the chilled swimming pool. A great party night (since it was still Ramadan the boys actuated their own drinking plan) and an even better second day at the spectacular water park!!!

This is the view from our suite

Dubai, the rest of the Jumeirah palm and the monorail is on the background

It's a hazy day and it's a common condition during the hottest time of the year.

Our bedroom :)

Many features of the room give my the chance to reminisce about the other, older, Caribbean  Atlantis I saw in the past! 

When lit up at night this arabesque building has an indescribable charm!


Yes, we know, life is really hard!

Sheik Thomas!

Olga and I!!!

 Let's pose!!!


Jake and I

 Sliding bathroom door....


Another characteristic of Atlantis, either here or in the Bahamas: their astonishing aquariums! 

Every time it's just amazing to see all these sea creatures (although I prefer them in their natural habitat!) 

 Midnight Swim!

Awesome delicious room service breakfast!!!

Nemo and his friends...

Dory from "Finding Nemo"

 cute tiny fuzzy seahorse...

I knew I was a fish in my previous life! I didn't know I was   a grouper!

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Beba said...

Wow! And, do you remember? A few months before we went there, Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" was filmed just inside the Atlantis Beach Bar. We've spent the next two years watching MTV and saying "We've been there!".

Baci sorella bella (nelle foto stupenda, anche Shrek molto carino...)