Sunday, January 1, 2012

Waiting for 2012...Happy New Year!!!

After the Maldives, where Thomas and I experienced complete relaxation, peace and mystic natural beauty, back to Dubai a fun/intense week is waiting for us. My mom and sister Bianca met us for 24h during a stop of their MSC cruise in the gulf. 
Then, on Christmas day my aunt Vanna, uncle Giampaolo and sister Beatrice +BF Antonio visited from Florence and here we are, on the very first day of 2012... 
We had an exciting busy week filled with laughs, family love and presents!!!
One of the greatest moments of the end of 2011 is our fishing trip. Here you can see a few pictures of  it! I still can't believe what we did, but WE (including myself who NEVER EVER fished successfully in my life) took around 7Kg of fresh, beautiful, edible fish!!! :) And thanks to my sister and aunty's help, we had a wonderful dinner last night, eating 5 of our big beasts!  Have a look, enjoy ...and feel free to envy us! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!


Bianca said...

ma che belli siete!!!! baci baci baci buon anno!!!!!!!! vvb

Beba said...

Oltre che belli, tanto felici!
Che bella vacanza...quasi quasi torniamo moooolto presto.