Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just an ordinary day...for ordinary people.

January 12th, 2012.

The new year has started at school like everywhere else. After 10 days surrounded by family members (yes, loud and crazy sometimes, but extremely fun and caring!) going back to work and to our chilled life, where our family lives in a different continent, has a bitter taste. On the first day of school I got back home alone and tired, while Thomas was still working. My sister had left a few hours before, but I didn't realize it. I wasn't there. The house and everything felt empty and sad. No more laughs and 155 conversations started and never really ended, no more real talks, the ones you can have with the ones you trust 100%, no more sharing everything (from shoes, make ups to opinions and feelings). She is gone. But somehow found the way to keep her presence here with me for a little longer. Beba left  me the sweetest note a sister could write. I cried for hours, but I'm glad she did write those words.
Did I  already said she's definitely the smartest of us, B sisters? If not I'll say it now. She is great. She has a unique sensitiveness and her brain is so sharp that it amazes me every time. She can do everything she wants, she succeeds in all challenges she undertakes. She is versatile and sensible to understand how to adjust to any situation. I miss her deeply, just like I miss Bianca for different reasons. Oh sisters...what a great invention!!!
But I apologize. This is totally off topic.

What I wanted to talk about today is this ordinary day at school. It has been a good day with the kids: funny, sweet...funny as usual, but now it's 4 pm, I'm in the gym, running on a treadmill. Across the glass window, in the gym, there is a basketball game: Thomas' team's game. And I'm supposed to pay attention an watch it. Instead, maybe because when I run I go on a sort of high heart rate-ecstasy, my thoughts are flying away, in my own world. I'm here physically connected to this reality, but mentally detached from the external environment. I'm in the middle of the action, but it feels like I'm observing everything from above. If someone comes to me and interrupts my thoughts I feel suddenly unplugged like an electric guitar during a rock concert. Silent, with no reason to be there.
I'm looking at the players running up and down the court. Are they doing their best? I don't know. Thomas alternates satisfied faces to disappointed postures and head in his hands. Maybe it's the thick glass between me and everything else. I can't hear much, so I decide to focus on the gestures and movements of the slice of life taking shape in front of me. I look at the excited parents on the bleachers recording their kids' performances, supporting and inciting the boys with all their energy. It's fun to watch them. They would risk to look ridiculous, but actually they are so well positioned in their world.  So well attached to the reality. Everything they do is appropriate for the moment. I'm probably the only one who secretly doesn't fit here, right now. But I need my little moments. I need those places where I can go with my mind. Then I come back and I will pretend that I followed each single moment of the game. :)

Score: Period 4 (last one) Falcons (us): 33 - Dragons (our rival school): 38.
Thomas is not happy and he won't get better now that  only 53 seconds are left. :(
He'll probably be grumpy tonight but I love him. He is so into it. He loves what it does and does it greatly. I am proud of him every time I look at him. He's my link to the real world. He takes me back to the more practical stuff, when my mind flies too far.
Score: Falcons: 37 - Dragons: 39 - Second: 00:00
One of our kid shoot and I'm pretty sure he got a foul (I know, I said I wasn't really watching this game but this final part was exciting and, after all, I'm the wife of a basketball player/coach/supporter/freak and I must have learned something in 6 years!). We could have probably finished this game on a sweeter note, but I don't know what happend...the referee didn't interrupt the game and we didn't get the foul free shots (or whatever they're called). Game over :(

But good job Falcons and good job amore! Let's go back to the real world and let's go home...
like ordinary people...

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Thomas said...

For the record the final score was 38 - 39! Anyway, how lucky am I...