Friday, June 15, 2012

Goodbye desert city....

Here I am, again, sitting on a box in our empty apartment in Motor City, Dubai.
What I see around me reminds me of when we first got here last year. It was August, 50 degrees Celsius outside, right in the Holy month of Ramadan, where no food or drinking is allowed during the day and music is restricted in most places. Honestly we thought "Where the hell are we!!??!!". Almost a year later, I've learned to love this city and even our quiet neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. But we're moving now, to a new apartment in Tecom. A much more central area where it will actually feel like we live in Dubai: much closer to school, to the metro station, to many hotels (and bars). With this wind of change and the new place, a lot more will be different after the summer:
1) I  quit my job at ASD to consacrate my time on my new business adventure. I will be exploring the UAE market opportunities for an Italian interior scents company ( I love their    unique fragrances and sophisticated packaging. I'm sure the UAE majestic houses will be the perfect fit for such precious pieces of home decor.

2) I have been asked to tutor the two boys of a mysterious rich family living in Dubai (confidential identity and I'm burning with curiosity).

3) We'll get a second car. After an amazing year squeezed in a 2 seats porsche, we definitely are going to buy a 4X4 to go camp in the desert, do some dune bashing and drive our visitors without begging our friends to borrow their car. This is Thomas' favorite:

4) I will still be coaching the ASD swim team and I'm glad I'll still be around school and get to travel the region with our swimmers and coaches!!!

Post-Summer Resolutions:

1) Set a trading company in the UAE.

2) Participate in the Barasti volleyball league
3) Be an assidue participant of the ASD bootcamp with Lee and peeps

Meanwhile, summer is here and the great thing about the life we decided to live is that we have almost 3 months off!!! So, tonight we'll fly back to Florence just on time for my sister Beba's 32nd glorious birthday. I can't wait to be there with my family, eat good food together, enjoy our home's garden with its plum tree and arches of beautiful perfumed jasmine, play with our dog Brandy and have barbecues with friends in the warm summer evenings when the sun sets almost at 9 pm and we play guitars and sing until late at night, with our neighbor Silvano yelling at us because he can't sleep!

It has been a busy first year in Dubai, but overall it was great fun! I feel this place still has a lot we need to discover and I look forward to another exciting year in the desert city from September!
 Bye bye ASD!!!

Bon Voyage to us!!! Firenze here we come!!!

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