Saturday, April 14, 2012


Our awesome adventurous Spring break!!!
We traveled around Jordan and visited Jerusalem.
I feel I've learned so much in 7 days only... Click on the link below and enjoy our video!

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While traveling Thomas and I read a book his mom sent us before the departure. It has been my very first real "band dessinee" (BD). I should be ashamed if you think I've married a Belgian!!!
In fact, these kind of graphic novels/ comics are integral part of the francophone culture. Karin (Tom's mom) has a huge collection of them in her home in Charleroi. I have to admit that the first time I saw her library full of Tintin and  Marsupilami I was pretty shocked. Although Italian culture has some good "fumettista" (cartoonist) like Manara (I think he's the only one I know, but I assume there are more) I used to look at comics merely as children reading material.
I've always been quite skeptical about BD, but honestly I never gave it a real try... I guess reading a few strips on the potty doesn't count, right?

So, the book that somehow broadened my understanding on the Israeli-Palestinian issue is called "Croniques de Jerusalem". Its author is this Quebecois guy...Guy Delisle (if you pardon the pun).
Just like my wise husband has predicted, I enjoyed as much as a movie. The nice pictures, an interesting background plot, simple political analysis and a sharp irony, make this 1 year of daily Jerusalem life a very pleasant journey.

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