Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dr. Vranjes' first home in Abu Dhabi

This week I returned to Abu Dhabi in Dr. Vranjes- business mission!

Thanks to our relationship with the Italian design furniture store Selva Middle East, I was asked to bring a few of our fragrances in the showroom apartment of  Eastern Mangroves Residences, a new TDIC luxury residential project in Abu Dhabi. 
This image below shows the picturesque setting of this residential project, located along a stretch of Abu Dhabi protected eastern mangrove district. Simply a magical holiday atmosphere at a few minutes drive from the heart of the city. 

The entrance of the TDIC showroom apartment and leasing office:

The sophisticated furniture in the pictures below are all from Selva Middle East.
Siham (Selva's showroom manager) and I drove together on Sunday morning to reach this gorgeous space and make sure everything was ready for us to display our promotional pamphlets, and (in my case) to find a proper location to the Dr. Vranjes vases I brought.

For the classic spacious living room, I selected our biggest sumptuous vase: the 5 litre cathedral bottle of Rosso Nobile.

The moment I opened the fragrance tank to pour it into the vase, the whole apartment was pleasantly invaded by its scent. Rosso Nobile's (Noble Red) notes of orange blossom enhance the floral bouquet of violets and magnolia, while hints of plum complement the essence of forest fruits, strawberries and rasberries at the heart of fragrance. The aroma of seasoned wood with a hint of smoked birch give it a final decise personality making it one of my Dr. Vranjes' favorite fragrances! 

The living room has direct access to the marvelous patio and a stunning view on the water. I think I could live here for a couple of years!!!

For the entrance, I picked another amazing Dr. Vranjes collection scent:I Giardini di Firenze - Boboli. 
For Florence, Boboli Gardens embody a beautiful piece of history. Situated behind the spectacular Pitti Palace in the centre of the city, the gardens represent a wonderful example of the 16th Italian gardens and they have the power to bring us back at time when Tuscany was ruled by the Medici dynasty. Oh boy, I miss my Firenze!!! 

Dr. Vranjes was capable to evoke those ancient memories and atmospheres reproducing the beauty of that natural vegetation made of cypress trees, citrus fruits and roses. 

Going to Abu Dhabi was, as usual, a great experience and (as always since I work for Dr. Vranjes Firenze) it was rewarding to see how much people in the showroom apartment appreciated the fragrances. Alina, Arwa and Grace, the three lovely girls who work in the office of the Eastern Mangrove Residence, contacted me right after my visit to know more about the fragrances. 
I'm so glad they liked the scents I selected for them and I hope this triple partnership between them, Dr. Vranjes Firenze and Selva Middle East will be fruitful for everyone!
Once our work at TDIC was done, Siham and I had a meeting at one of the most beautiful hotels I've seen in my life!!! ...but I don't want to anticipate now...I'll tell you more about this in my next post.

bye bye a tutti!


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