Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in DBX!

Oh well, it has been a while. More than 2 months without posting on this blog. But you know, summer is always crazy and although we usually have more time to do what we want, we end up being lazy and simply enjoy every single slow day we have in Italy and all the great resolutions I had at the end of the school year just don't seem to be a priority anymore.
Also, I feel the need to connect through the web more when I'm far from my friends and family. When I'm around I'm just too busy living, laughing, eating and loving everyday!!!

I got back to Dubai a couple of weeks ago and my new life here is treating me fine so far.
In my last few weeks in Europe, I've been going to the office working for Dr. Vranjes Firenze, trying to really figure out what my job back in the UAE would have been. We also were very busy preparing the interior design exhibition we participated to at the beginning of September.
The Maison & Objet is a beautiful show held in Paris twice a year. It's THE place to be for all furniture-interior, decoration, lightening brands and there is a good number of companies operating in the home fragrances market. We were there, with this elegant booth:
(This is my sister Bea and I exhausted but happy after a loooong first day of setting up the whole thing! Nice isn't it?)

It has been a great experience. I really got to know more about these exquisite fragrances and I met many of the Dr. Vranjes distributors worldwide. They all have one thing in common: lovely people!
 Despite the strenuous schedule and the sleep deprivation, we had so much fun! The booth was always busy with people from all over the globe and each evening we explored a different French amazing restaurant. Paris is simply magic, there's nothing comparable, and French peeps?...
Well they can be snobbish and a little arrogant. Especially when it comes to languages!!!
I divided them in 2 categories:
#1 The ones that, if you can't speak French, will probably assume you do and won't give a s**t if you obviously have no idea what they're talking about.
#2 The others that, even if you address them in fluent French, will get back to you in a broken English, VERY hard to decifrate.
But on the other hand, gosh, they surely know how to enjoy life! They're always out, either sipping a cup of coffe in a cafe patio during a sunny day or having a glass of champagne at night in one of the stylish bars of the many trendy areas.
This is a restaurant we've been to in Le Marais. It's a lively place with a dance school all around the dining open space. It was fun to eat while a lesson of argentinian tango and one of modern jazz were going on on the other sides of the windows!

Going back to our show, this is the fragrance we've launched in Paris: Calvado's by Dr. Vranjes. Inspired by the precious liquor, this lovely scent has made people literally walk back towards our booth while they were rushing to see everything possible of that huge exhibition. It was amazing to see how the sense of smell was doing all the job for us! We didn't even have to attract or stop people to come visit us. All the "good noses" got intrigued by our world of scents and got captured by our new fragrances. They particularly appreciated the gift box packaging of the Calvado's that comes with a precious balloon snifter. Isn't it a great idea?

Too bad you can't actually smell it from the web. But if you're in Italy you can find this magic world of scents here:
And in many other shops around the world!


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