Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adda' passa' a nuttata

"Adda' passa' a nuttata" is a famous sentence of one of the greatest Italian actors and playwrights - Eduardo de Filippo- in his legendary play: Napoli Milionaria.
In a strong Neapolitan dialect, Eduardo concludes the last act of his commedia saying "The night shall pass". I love his old, almost folkloristic, theatre. While telling the stories of simple, sometime miserable people, De Filippo reminds me of  those values Italy used to be founded on: family, compassion and humour. Values of a society that, I'm afraid, no longer exists. But I'm glad Eduardo came across my mind today and I had the chance to include him in my blog.

This prologue, not quite fitting, was just to explain the words I wanted to use to connect this post with what I wrote yesterday.
So, to start with what I had left last night and as anticipated by my previous post, it took me a while to fall asleep but my dreams have luckily not been disturbed. Just as Eduardo wished in his third act, my night has passed and the new day has come taking with it a lot of fun things to do.
26 degrees - Sunny. Perfect weather to go to the beach and even better if a bunch of friends go with you and there are beach volley courts!!! Great day. We played for hours and I went for the first swim of 2012. Brrr...The water is still cold, but once you get inside it's really nice and refreshing. The cold water awakens each single part of your body with a little shock, but he temperature outside is so pleasant that it makes the initial suffering totally rewarding. Here some shots of us playing...

Not bad, mmmh? Can you tell from these images how hard have we been playing? We did and by 3.30 pm we were all hungry and all agreed we deserved a little treat. We went to Maria Bonita, a Mexican restaurant around beach road. Nice place and atmosphere, good food, fun people and...animals! Yes because there we met a funny mascot: a talkative (loud) parrot with an unexpected skill: he could hold nachos in his claws!!! Isn't it bizarre? It looked almost fake, I had to take a picture!

I know, it has been a very hard day for me so far. You're probably feeling bad for me wondering how I made it through such hardships today (gosh, life in Dubai is so hard!!!).
To reassure you...I concluded my day going to the spa for a full body massage. Well, perhaps I will squeak by. LOL:)

Now that I'm done with my show off and I gained the antipathy of many, I can go to bed and get ready for the new week to start. A whole week at work without Thomas. (By the way, I talked to him earlier. He's in the jungle of Northern Thailand, almost at the border with Myanmar, and he loves it. He said they're in a wild and mystical place that could be the setting of a Vietnam war movie! Tomorrow they'll start building a library, the goal of their Week Without Walls project, bravo!!!).
So, I have to go to work for a week relying on myself only. That worries me even if it's usually me getting up first in the morning. But it's mathematically proved that sleeping alone increases the possibility to get up late or ignore the alarm clock.
Will I oversleep?
It's midnight already. Better go and set 2 or 3 alarms, just in case!
Good Night!

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Davide Di Lorenzo said...

The right translation is :"The night has to be passed"!